I’m back in my apartment from visiting friends, and it seems like my to-do list never ends. I’m applying for jobs. I’m cleaning the apartment/unpacking (shhh, only a little). I’m catching up on emails. I’m planning my move back to my hometown. I’m trying to catch up on sleep. I’m going to doctor’s appointments. (Four appointments in three days?? I need to stop doing that to myself!)

It looks like this except bigger… and we don’t have ceiling tiles.

Yesterday, I was trying to eat dinner. (I still have to do that too.) But then one of my friends called. So we talked for about an hour. While we were talking on noticed this huge stain on our living room ceiling. When Gretchen came home, I showed her and discovered that the stain is about twice as big as I thought. And there’s another stain in her bedroom. We’ve actually found a stain in her bedroom before.

Since I spend way more time staring at the ceiling (at least in comparison to other sane people), I suppose it was bound to happen that I would notice the ceiling leaks. Gretchen never has time to stare at the ceiling. Thank you chronic illness.

Do you think I should announce it to Gretchen like this??

The maintenance guy told me that unfortunately, our building roof is shot. All the wood is rotted up there. They’ve been patching it, and he’ll make sure that it’s patched above our unit. But other than that, the owners can’t be convinced to replace our roof until next year!

Add that to the list of reasons why staying in this “paradise” is no longer an option. I can’t wait to see the look on Gretchen’s face when she realizes that the sky is falling. Literally. Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic. A little. Or maybe not.




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