Just a quick update to give you a glimpse of my life and to ask for some prayers.

I’m settling in to life at my parents’ house. I never imagined that I would stay here, but I’m grateful to just be in one place for more than two weeks at a time. The last few months have been kind of crazy, including three week-long “visits” to friends’ houses.

I’m having a hard time transferring my medical care down here. Part of the issue is that the medical landscape here is just different and because it’s so much bigger, it’s more confusing. But another part of the problem is that I’m having a hard time explaining to someone why I’m sick and why it’s important that I need help. I’ve spent so much time and effort accepting my illness for what it is and learning to live life in spite of it that it’s hard to convince someone that I do actually need help and that there is something majorly wrong going on.

I hurt my left hip somehow in the move to my parents’ place. I’ve been in and out of chiropractic appointments, but I’m not convinced that anything besides the first visit really helped. It’s really bothering me a lot though and keeping me up at night. (It’s super painful and also kind of wobbly.)

I’ve been having pretty intense inner ear pain in my left ear. It’s been going along with headaches and toothaches, which are immensely hard. I tend to want to sleep on the left side of my face, which is tricky since I can’t sleep on my left hip. All in all, falling asleep is hard and when I wake up, my body feels all twisted. I’ve already been screened for an ear infection and for other obvious stuff. We’re not really sure what’s wrong, but now that I’m starting to hear ringing (only) in that ear, I think I’m going to have to go down the investigative route.

Good news is that the breast pain is bothering me a lot less. Part of it might have to do with the fact that I’ve been home a lot and just lounging around in sleepwear. But a former chiropractor of mine is graciously allowing me to undergo cold laser therapy at her office, and I think it’s actually helping with the pain & inflammation. I’m skeptical, but I’m fitting into more clothes now, so something is actually changing.

I’ve got some freelance work coming up, but honestly finding a job has kind of taken a second place to getting medical stuff sorted out. It would be nice to have some pseudostable though. Plus, when I’m not resting or unpacking or dealing with health stuff, I’ve had to do the whole run around of getting a new driver’s license and changing my car insurance and hassling the credit card company, etc.

Prayer requests: that I would get adjusted to living in this new place, that the medical stuff would get under control & that I would have the strength/the help/the support I need to get what I so desperately need, that things would stabilize so that I can focus on more meaningful (to me) stuff like going to church, and that somehow I’d continue to have the energy to live with my family.




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