I’ve decided that I need more me time these days. Now that I live back with my family, it’s all about being around lots of people. It’s nice. We’re getting along WAY better than I ever imagined. But, I kept wondering why I got burned out so easily. Then I realized that I had forgotten to carve out me time.

Pupcakes welcomes you!
Pupcake welcomes you!

Interestingly enough, when I was in grad school, I dedicated specific hours to me time and me projects. That’s actually when I learned to quilt (believe it or not.) Me time is not the same as work time, helping others time, being pious time, studying time, hanging out time, or doing good deeds time. It definitely does not include going to the doctor time or being in the hospital/clinic/waiting room again time. It’s about taking care of me and giving myself the opportunity to feed my soul. Being proactive about it really helps my sanity.

So today, after I helped baby sister with calculus and worked a whole bunch and visited a friend and her baby and helped my dad set up a new computer, I snuck away to do some coloring. I’ve wanted to do some for a while.

I’m currently in an adorable animal phase. I’m not really sure why. Especially since live animals scare me. But I am. So I added some new animals to my room decor. Welcome Pupcake. He’s cheery. And I love the added effect of the random buttons I had purchased on the way home from my friend’s place. Extra dimensions!!

Anyone else find me time necessary?




3 thoughts on “Me Time

  1. Well, I totally agree, we all need more ‘me’ time. For reason, we’ve all forgotten that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that we have time to just chill out. I have recently begun to follow you as I need to find others who are living with pain and more. I have enjoyed this little look into your bucket list maybe? so lovely. Thanks


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