It hit me today. I miss shopping. Like at the mall. Or at the outlet mall. When I was in grad school, I used to save up all this energy to go mall shopping about once a month. And I loved it!! I loved knowing what colors were in fashion, I loved having new clothes and being able to wear them (occasionally). I loved being part of a crowd and doing what everyone else was doing. I loved the satisfaction of finding a good deal.

Today I was paging through a clothing catalog and realized how much I miss shopping.* So I’m showing you my top picks from this catalog.

ch_68480_pistachioPick #1: A Shawl Collar Sweater. This looks pretty for loungewear. It also looks like something that would be okay if you’re having extra breast inflammation (ahem). It’s in this fall’s colors: dusty pastels. It has long arms and it’s heavyweight which tends to be good for fibromyalgia.

ch_41110_heather-charcoalPick #2: Draped Neck Knit Dress. I don’t know if this would look good on me. It would definitely have to be for an indoor event with air conditioning or an early evening outdoor event. That’s when I need sleeves that are tight for the fibro pain but still giving me access to the breeze. This would definitely have to be for a good day since it’s fitted, but it’s only available in dark colors so it ought to be fairly forgiving.

ch_40097_3Pick #3: Convertible Infinity Scarf Dress. This dress is awesome. I also have a thing for knit pullover dresses with A-line skirts. It comes with the belt. And the scarf is removable so you can do all kinds of cool things with it. I’ve always wanted an infinity scarf and now’s the perfect excuse. See #2 for the sleeve explanation. And the colors are black and plum heather are pretty forgiving. I’m not sure about the Toast. First, what kind of color name is that? And, second, I’m opposed to full body clothing that’s skin color. Just saying. Having the belted waist can be hard with digestive disorders but I find that the empire waist is flattering on me and that sometimes it helps to have a little bit of structure there.

ch_40969_very-berryPick #4: Pleated Neck Blouse. Very adorable. I like clothing that’s comfortable and loose. There’s enough embellishment that it looks businessy. But it’s also comfortable. And can go with pretty much anything. The button closure might be a pain. In fact, it’s almost certain to be a pain. But I have long hair. And I can ask pretty much anyone walking down the street to close it for me. Plus, I like the color Very Berry. Let’s hope it looks good with my skin tone.

Thanks for joining me on this virtual shopping expedition. I hope you found it slightly entertaining. I know I had fun. Picking stuff out is half the fun. (The other half is actually wearing it!) Will I actually buy these clothes? Hard to say. Not sure I like any of them enough. But at least I know what’s in fashion.

From the heart,


*: I’ve also realized that I’ve done a lot of shopping for loungewear in the last few months. That can be fun. But it’s more fun to plan what to wear to work or to the symphony or to a wedding. After a while loungewear gets boring.


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