the pharmacy manager and the assistant pharmacy manager not only know you by name but remember what you’re taking and why.

I’m having a hard time finding legit doctors here in my home town. And by legit doctors, I mean someone who will see me for more than five minutes before he kicks me out the door.

Anyways, someone prescribed me a muscle relaxant for that ear pain that was bothering me. It helped a whole lot and actually gave me energy (?!?!?) But you’re not supposed to take it long term. So the next specialist was like, scrap that, take these steroids instead. They will really help bring down the inflammation.

So good patient that I am, I dutifully filled that prescription and started taking it. But it made me really lethargic and nervous and sensitive and incredibly stressed out. So it was pretty much undoing any good that it was doing and then some. So I wanted to stop taking it.

I drove to the local pharmacy and talked to the pharmacy manager. We talked through the whole thing and about how I always have the opposite of the symptoms that they tell you that you’re going to have. (Yeah, the muscle relaxant is supposed to make you tired. Hahahahaha.) We talked about options and about just stopping the steroids all together. And I have to say, it’s way easier to find a good pharmacist, someone who will actually pay attention and think for more than five seconds.

I have had my share of bad pharmacists who have said things like, uhhhh, did you read the brochure??? (yes, that’s why I’m asking this question) Or, you’re too young for menopause. (Uhhhh, okay, and how is that relevant?) And I’ve had them mix up prescriptions before. But I’ve also had some really good pharmacists.

You know they’re keepers when they remember you. And they don’t see you as that annoying girl who must be addicted to drugs because she comes in every few days. But rather than girl that we desperately want to help because she’s so nice and smart and young. Right?

Another day in the life,


2 thoughts on “you know you have a chronic illness when…

  1. Yes, sometimes I’ve had this experience with doctors. But I put my foot down and brought in my hubby. Yes, my doctor is male and young and I thought he was not taking my issues seriously. I was tired of hearing, ‘just get started at aqua fit and loose some weight” he’s obviously forgot that I started aqua fit some years back! But still the issues persisted. So I had a heart to heart with my hubby and he was wondering why nothing seemed to be happening and he see’s hobble around at home. So that made a big difference, but I do notice that my doc behaves differently when my hubby is not present. So some changes will have to be made.

    Keep trying, if you are single, take in another family member and don’t take that shit.

    All the best, Carli


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