the hexagon quilt I was working on
the hexagon quilt I was working on

I did it!! My first time quilting in public.

I’ve been working on a hexagon quilt, and I’ve been piecing the whole thing together by hand. I brought a portion of it with me to my therapist’s appointment. I knew that I would have some random downtime (10 minutes here, 15 minutes there) and so I figured that I could make some progress on the quilt. And I had a really grand time.

Because I was quilting in a public space where most people just sit there waiting for their turn, a number of different people came up to me and asked to see the quilt. My therapist wanted to see it, and I got to show her how I incorporated different fabrics that held different meanings for me. Other patients and some of the staff stopped me to take a look. I even got to show the project to a little girl.

All in all, it was really cool experience. I definitely plan to continue hand quilting projects so that I can craft in public. I finally figured out what Future Girl is always raving about!!

I’m really excited about the opportunity. I feel like there’s this whole part of me that hasn’t really emerged outside my room and maybe the internet. I read a lot of blogs and books to get ideas, but I’m mostly making things up as I go. It’s awesome to get validation for what I do. But it’s even nicer to put that creative side of me out for the public to see. I think it’ll be a while before music really emerges again for me, at least from a performance perspective. But this is something totally new. Something I only picked up because of my illness. (Well, I always wanted to learn to quilt. But illness finally created the time and the patience to teach myself.)

A pretty happy day overall,
Abigail Cashelle


8 thoughts on “Quilting in Public

  1. Bravo Abigail!
    I started quilting and doing hand embroidery in public several years ago and its most rewarding when you are house bound due to illness, such I find myself more and more these days. I love to take it along when waiting for an appt and it makes me feel good to know that I’m here, I’m still involved with something I love. Please do hang up your quilt for all to see, its so lovely and random! Repost it too, I’d also love to add you and your little story of this one experience into my blog. Are you OK with that, nothing other than a link to this link and it all stems from this photo?
    go to http://www.goodearthquilting to see what I do.

  2. Research shows that looking at beautiful things helps your brain so if I was there I would have wanted to look at your beautiful quilting too! Sounds like you were making the office a more beautiful and happier place 🙂


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