I took another personality test today. And apparently, I’m the equivalent of an octopus (INTJ). And you know what? I like it. Mostly because I saw this cake floating around on facebook. And I feel like I’m always working on 6-8 things at once. (Having 8 arms definitely helps with that.)

The authoritative test has this to say about octopi:

INTJs are independent types, wildly intelligent and creative — but rather un-interested in what anyone else is doing. They are often considered the most independent of all the personality types, and they work best when given freedom. They are acutely aware of their own intelligence, as well as what they don’t know, and their passion often lies in conceptualizing ideas and processing complex theories.

While I’d like to think that I do spend time thinking about other people and listening to their stories, it might explain why I make a terrible tutor. And it also goes along with the fact that I am very aware of what I know and what I don’t know, what I’m doing and what I’m not doing. And I like to conceptualize and process complex theories, even just for fun.

Another day in the life,

Abigail the octopus

P.S. I just remembered the EDS is sometimes shown as an octopus disease because octopi don’t really have bones. So that fits as well!!


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