It just is. There’s no two ways around it.

It’s even worse because I’ve been chasing my insurance company around in circles.

I’ve also been trying to sort out medications because the one medication that helped made me really nauseous but now that I’m not taking it, all the problems that it was helping me with came rushing back!!

The brain fog makes everything hard to sort out. It’s like… uh, what are we talking about again??

Being kicked out by doctors and told by other people that if you just worked harder, everything would be better sucks too.

Having a chronic illness is stressful. And that’s how people get depression from having a chronic illness.




2 thoughts on “Being Sick is Stressful

    1. Thanks.

      People keep asking me that, but I can’t really think of anyone. My supportive friends work full-time or are full-time mommies, and my family members are not supportive. Pray for that and I’ll keep being open to that as a possibility.



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