The highlight of my day was at my doctor’s appointment. I found that my doctor is not only a twin (fraternal, not identical) but that when he was young, he and his siblings had a pet duck named Penelope. (Not a furry, cuddly one, but a real live one.) Apparently, she was pretty cuddly though because she was in the sibling photo.

It might be a sign that I’ve spent too much time in doctor’s offices or that dealing with the mundanity of having a chronic illness is finally getting to me. Or I’ve just truly come to terms with the fact that doctors are human.

Anyhow, I have a new family doctor and his duck was named Penelope.



3 thoughts on “and Penelope the Duck

  1. Right on, Abigail! This doctors does sound like he’s human. Be kind, you’ve been through so much and its not this new doctors fault that all the others who were not right for you. Abigail have you begun following my blog? I’m hosting a really fun Crazy Quilt Along 2014 and it might help you with just doing something for you! Let your mind go to the stitching, nothing is expected.
    Visit this link and see what you think?


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