I was at Dr. Bill’s office today (the doctor with the duck). I had asked the receptionist to make a note on my chart that I was losing my voice. So naturally, when Dr. Bill came in today, he asked me about my voice and whether I thought I had a cold. I started answering his questions, and then rapidly backtracked and said, Well, that’s not why I’m here though.

Thinking back, it’s kind of hilarious. I think I have a cold of sorts, and talking constantly at work is not helping. Plus coughing sometimes gets scrambled into choking (stupid tissue refusing to work properly?) but whatever. It’s just a cold. It’ll go away. I have bigger things to worry about. Like random bruising for no good reason. And blood appearing in places it should never be.

So I showed Dr. Bill my list of things that I needed to talk to him about, and he went and got his reading glasses so he could read them. We talked about them a bit, and he went ahead and had blood drawn to do a CBC. He advised me to go ahead and see a specialist that I had tentatively made an appointment with already. He said that that could also provide useful information. So we shall see. But he agrees with Ken that it’s probably not the meds that is causing this.

In the grand scheme of things, what’s losing one’s voice? At least temporarily?

only a chronic illness sufferer,


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