Ready to go (they have less to pack)

I’m headed to the clinic of St. Jude tomorrow. I’m ready for this to be my last trip but I’m excited to see Bethany and Alana and my favorite musician.

Then I’ll get to go on my first cruise.

So much more exciting than today. Or at least more fun and relaxing.

I found out this afternoon that one of the reasons I had been feeling particularly terrible these past few days is because I had a dislocated femur. Ugh, some days I hate having Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Anyhow, after I got home from getting that reset, I found that Alana had just got home from the ER where she had been treating after smashing her head into a slab of concrete. I guess that can also be considered exciting but it’s the kind of drama I can live without. Seriously, I think it’s time for a vacation. Don’t you think?

Back to packing,
Abigail Cashelle


2 thoughts on “Ready for a roadtrip

  1. My goodness Miss Abigail you better make a bee-line for that boat and get out of Dodge! Seriously though, I hope that you are feeling better and that if something does happen they can accommodate you on the cruise. There is nothing worse than being stuck in your cabin because you can’t get around the ship. I will be sending you good vibes that you won’t even need to visit Doc and that you will spend all your time ordering drinks poolside from Isaac, your friendly bartender, or finalizing plans for your next island adventure with Gopher, your Purser. Maybe playing a game of shuffleboard organized by Julie your Cruise Director. I see you on the first half of the sail meeting a dark, brooding, blue eyed man that will sweep you off your feet. But you’ll find him too good to be true and he’ll move on to some grandaughter of a grandaughter to an heiress he me in the casino, when he stepped out of the Art Auction on you to go to the little boys room. No fear my dear on the leg home a strapping blond Army vet with penetrating brown eyes comes onboard and plants himself in the deck chair right next to yours and you’re together for the rest of the cruise. As the ship docks you find out back at port that you both live in the same town (since the subject hadn’t come up previously). You find out your both on the same flight home and you ask to have your seats moved together when checking in at the airport. He asks if he can continue to see you and you get all goo-goo eyed and say yes. Then the picture fades… (sorry for my corny Loveboat references, you’re probably too young to even know what that show was anyway, so my references are all for naught.haha)!
    Just go have a great time and enjoy the sun and the beautiful ports of call. If it’s your first cruise it most likely won’t be your last. It’s the best way to see all of the islands this wonderful world has to offer! And oh yeah, bring a water bottle with you should you leave the boat just in case you cannot find a bottle you can read to be sure it’s safe. The tap water isn’t that safe on many of the islands, especially for the immuno-compromised. Bon Voyage Girl! You rock that lovely bathing suit cover up! And WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!
    And watch your time in the sun. You will be much closer to the equator in the Carribean therefore you will burn faster (sorry, my Mommy gene kicked in, plus I learned it the hard way on of our days at sea).
    P.S. I loved the beach themed blocks you sent for my quilt! So apropos!!


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