So far, I’ve been loving the cruise. The food is actually pretty amazing, which is saying something considering that I usually could care less about food and forget meals and the like. The chef has been fairly accommodating, which is excellent for someone with food allergies.

Alana amd I make quite the interesting pair since she is recovering from a concussion and I from a hip dislocation. The sangeee of us falling is high, and we’ve had quite a few near misses, me more than her.

That said, we’ve been sleeping the majority of the time. Today I did get to it to the pool and hot tub which is good for my hip. I also managef to finish reading a book I started the day before. Tonight was the elegant night, so aafter dinner we got our photos taken around some of the backdrops. Then we came back to the room for a movie.

Tomorrow is aan early day on land, so as our maitre-d’ likes to say: ciao for now!




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