We’ve just completed our tour of the world (okay, not really but still) and now we’re back in the great U S of A. Surprisingly enough, the disembarkation process talks about 4 hours, and for some reason, we’re in owne of the very last zones to be dismissed. More hours of cruise time: here we come!

Yesterday, in addition to sleeping a lot, I managed to eat brunch twice (woohoo) and finally test out the water slide. I’m unfortunately blind without my glasses, but it turns out that as long as you hold them during the actual sliding part, you can use them to climb the winding staircase to the top. It was pretty awesome.

Alana and I found every single photo opportunity yesterday and the day before. Which meant the we spent a lot of time browsing the ahots yesterday. I found two that I really liked and so I got them for my parents. My mom’s only regret of homeschooling us is that we don’t have very many professional photos. I figured this would be the one time in my life when I’d literally have hundreds of shots to choose from.

Alana says it’s breakfast time, so stay tuned for more details later.




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