As I’ve told Tabitha many times over, one advantage of being stuck in bed all the time is that you have a profound amount of time that you can devote to being the bestest friend ever. How? You’re the only person who has an infinite amount of time to talk on the phone, to rehash every detail of the a scenario, and who isn’t really bothered that it’s dinnertime or 3 am.

This girl thrives on social interaction, and you have to be rather creative if you want to maximize your social interaction when you’re holed up in bed. One of the things that I’ve started doing is writing letters to people who need a little extra cheering up. I sent a few “get well” cards to Jeff Bauman last year, and I’ve written a few letters to troops stationed abroad. I saw this sweet little face and decided that I can write “Happy Birthday Danny” just as well as the next person.

It’s not very often that you have the opportunity in making someone’s wish come true. Won’t you join me in wishing this little boy Happy Birthday??




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