I’ve been pretty quiet here mostly because things have been looking up. I’ve been feeling better (in general) and have been working a lot. Here are a few updates.
– I witness the marriage of aaron and his beautiful wife ealier this month. It was a surreal experience, not mwrely aeeing all my friends again and seeing aaron marry my housemate, but even more seeing the work of God in his life.
– our little community also had another wedding that same weekend, so I also got to be a part of that which was pretty awesome and gave me more time to spend with my friends.
– I started a new job this week. I’m actually a (part-time) faculty member at a local university, which is pretty awesome! Now if lectures could just prepare themselves and I could figure out how to mute the ravenous lion in my head, we’d be headed to even greater success.
– I got to visit both Dr. Leo and Dr. Samuel this month. Both of those visits were extremely encouraging. We reflected over how much has changed in the past three years and they both remarked that they were so proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish in the past year: trying new activities, getting a job in my field, and beginning the path of healing with my family. They also see me as so much more self-confident and mature. That was extremely encouraging because it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when you’re to busy living ordinary life!
– my pharmacist (who is also awesome) is really excited that I’m a professor now. He said that seems like just the perfect fit for me (which is cool). Last time I saw him, he said, “go get ’em tiger.”

Just another day in the life

The downside to ask this awesomeness is that I’m writing this while sitting in the ER waiting room with massive abdominal pain hoping that someone will have the answer. Oh the life of us chronic illness citizens.



2 thoughts on “All quiet on the western front…

  1. Abigail,
    Congratulations on your professorship! What a wonderful accomplishment to get to teach in your field, one that you love very much from what I know of you. It’s so good to hear all of your good news and hear that you have gotten to spend time with your friends. That is always good for the soul to reconnect and catch up.

    I’m sorry that you were writing from the ER and I hope that it turns out to be nothing. I will send you some good vibes in hopes that you’re feeling better soon. I feel your pain as far as chronic illness sucking. Please keep me posted.

    Lisa S.
    (From Stash Bee)


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