I should be sleeping but I suddenly had the motivation to clean my room. Seeing as how my room hasn’t been deep-cleaned since May at least and there’s still stuff I haven’t unpacked since I moved back almost 14 months ago, I figured I should just run with it.

So I spent the next two and a half hours cleaning and putting away clothes and throwing away junk that I have had since elementary school. I even cleaned out my “pharmacy”, which had meds filled in 2012!! I threw out food that I moved back with me but never unpacked.

– giant trash bag full of trash
– full trash can of plastic recycling
– full paper bag of paper recycling
– full paper bag of items for donating
– one dress for dry-cleaning
– full hamper of clothes to wash
– empty laundry basket of clean clothes
– mostly visible (but not so clean) floor
– noticeably less dust
– new memories for my project life album

Wow. I’m exhausted. (It’s surprising how much you can get done when you’re supposed to be heading one hundred papers!)

Abigail Cashelle



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