My health situation is rather complicated, but here’s an overview that should provide background for the content of this blog.

Current diagnoses:
functional GI disorder: possible small intestine bacterial overload syndrome
chronic fatigue syndrome; possible fibromyalgia
Ehler’s-Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility Type (Type III or IV)
clinical depression

Current treatments*
weekly counseling sessions with Christian counselor
monthly sessions with pediatric psychiatrist (specializing in young adults with chronic illnesses)
frequent (often weekly) conversations and quarterly exams with gastroenterologist monitoring condition
frequent check-ins with family doctor
participation in online support groups & local Christian communities
clinical study on home-based self-management for chronic fatigue syndrome
variety of medications (that changes very often) to stabilize condition
graduate education & teaching whenever possible

*Here I define treatment in the broadest sense. This is a list of all the things that I do to monitor my condition. Much of this you can figure out based on actual postings. Not all of them are prescription treatments and not all of them are strictly medical. However, they all are done with the intention of bettering my overall health, so I list them here. ~AC

General medical history:
2004: first started noticing symptoms of systemic pain & general fatigue
2005: first doctor’s visit
2006: go gluten-free & dairy-free
2009: take over own medical care & begin treatments that most of my family & friends have no idea about
2011: move to current geographic location

Family situation:
oldest of three girls
parents reject depression as a psychological disease (as opposed to a spiritual or physical one)
family leans toward alternative medicine and away from traditional medicine
eventual distance created between myself and family members