Since interacting with specific people is important to me, the number of people who appear on this blog keeps increasing. If you’re new or you’ve been a long-time reader, here is a brief glossary of recurring characters.

Medical Professionals
– Dr. Leo: gastroenterologist (digestive health)
– Dr. Samuel: pediatric psychiatrist
– Dr. Mark: doctor of family medicine
– Dr. Harold: chiropractor

– Timothy & Grace: divinity school grad & wife (plus their dog Micah)
– Aaron: friend of Timothy & Grace; deacon now priest
– Chad and Hannah: friends of Timothy & Grace and Aaron
– Isaac & Elora: divinity student & wife
– Joseph & Erica: church parents
– Bryan: medical resident
– Elliot: medical student
– Gregory: another medical student
– Gretchen: my roommate
– Diana: grad student colleague
– Alana: music teacher from another state
– Tabitha: high school teacher from another state
– Eeyore: BFF
– Milton: stuffed chocolate bunny
Molly: winter bear

– Walt & Elaine: cousins
– Nora: cousin
– Eddie: uncle



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