Vintage Crafting

Reading and reflecting on living with a chronic illness, I realized that I need other things to focus on besides the drama-laden stuff in my life. One thing I have definitely enjoyed very much has been vintage crafting.

A few words of definition for the uninitiated:
vintage: something that belongs to a different era; (note: people who study history tend to be obsessed with this)
retro: something for which an aspect of it is vintage but it has been recreated with a modern twist
repurposed: something that had a particular use and has been made to function in a different way
crafting: any creative venture that involves imagination and materials

Here’s a glimpse of my most recent project. It’s a Christmas gift for Tabitha.

the beginning stages: cutting fabric with a pattern from 1975
I’m making view B, which is all the way on the right
the main skirt body; nice and twirly
Greetings from Paris! (in Spanish of course… what other language would you use?)

I’m guestimating Tabitha’s size. She says that she wears a size 4, which in 1970s sizing would be close to a 26.5? We’ll see. That’s why I haven’t added the waistband and the hem yet. If I need to drastically alter it, I want it in a stage where that’s still relatively easy. Next time we meet up, I’ll let her try it on. And then, I’ll finish it in time for the holidays!! Because, naturally, what screams “Merry Christmas” better than a skirt that says “Greetings from Paris” in Spanish.

Just a glimpse of my life when I’m taking a break from the rest of my life.

Abigail Cashelle