Me Time

I’ve decided that I need more me time these days. Now that I live back with my family, it’s all about being around lots of people. It’s nice. We’re getting along WAY better than I ever imagined. But, I kept wondering why I got burned out so easily. Then I realized that I had forgotten to carve out me time.

Pupcakes welcomes you!
Pupcake welcomes you!

Interestingly enough, when I was in grad school, I dedicated specific hours to me time and me projects. That’s actually when I learned to quilt (believe it or not.) Me time is not the same as work time, helping others time, being pious time, studying time, hanging out time, or doing good deeds time. It definitely does not include going to the doctor time or being in the hospital/clinic/waiting room again time. It’s about taking care of me and giving myself the opportunity to feed my soul. Being proactive about it really helps my sanity.

So today, after I helped baby sister with calculus and worked a whole bunch and visited a friend and her baby and helped my dad set up a new computer, I snuck away to do some coloring. I’ve wanted to do some for a while.

I’m currently in an adorable animal phase. I’m not really sure why. Especially since live animals scare me. But I am. So I added some new animals to my room decor. Welcome Pupcake. He’s cheery. And I love the added effect of the random buttons I had purchased on the way home from my friend’s place. Extra dimensions!!

Anyone else find me time necessary?



procrastinating sew much

I really should be reading my 50 books, but I don’t feel like it. It’s spring break, and I’ve been thinking about my sewing room (aka office, library, bedroom, healing room all wrapped into one). I’ve filled the wall with a ton of vintage pattern covers. It looks really awesome, although the ones over the bed keep threatening to fall down while I’m resting.

Anyhow, I saw some pretty cool ads while I was compiling my last treasury list on Etsy. So I decided to pull together another treasury list. Mostly because I love vintage ads. (But I don’t have wall space or wallet space for any of them, I don’t think.) Take a look and see what you think.

decorating the historian's sewing room

it had the coolest stitches!!
I started thinking, Where did this interest in sewing come from??? Then I remembered that my dad got me a sewing machine back in the day. I think I was probably 5 or 6 because I remember sharing it with my sister who’s a few years younger. I think my parents got it used, but I’m not really sure. 5 or 6 year olds don’t keep track of that stuff. I know that we threw it away when we moved because all the markers dried up (or were used up by future seamstresses.) Oh the childhood memories!! I think I played with this machine in between cooking at our play kitchen and while (always) playing doggie and master. (My sister had an obsession with dogs, so I learned to integrate “doggie and master” into every single one of my play activities.) I think I “sewed” stuff for my parents and for my furry friends. Yes, that love goes way back as well.

Rambling post about childhood memories and crafting…. Hope it gives you a glimpse into my personality.
Abigail Cashelle

when life hands you lemons, sew

It’s been crazy, crazy, crazy in Abigail-land. I’ve been juggling family stuff, medical stuff, amorphous blob stuff, large reading list stuff, roommate stuff…. get the picture yet??

But in the middle of all of that, I’ve been sewing. I’m working on a star quilt. I’ve also just started a dress. I saw the pattern in the store. And then I saw the perfect fabric…. The rest is becoming history.

the pattern: Butterick 5642
swiss dot fabric: perfect!!

So instead of boring you with loads of text about how stressful my life is becoming, I’m leaving you with an etsy treasury. Because I’ve altered the saying: when life hands you lemons, sew:Etsy: sewing


Decorating My Apartment

One reader (Lydia) asked me to share a little bit more about my crafty life, so I here now present a non-medical, non-religious post!!!!

Visit us in real life and you can sign it!!
Gretchen and I have decided that our apartment needs more color as in a LOT more color. Grace and Timothy lent us some furniture, so now we actually have living room furniture besides a futon!! Thus, Project Make Apartment Homey was born.

One day when I was feeling downright terrible, I was browsing on Etsy, my second favorite craft site next to Pinterest and stumbled across this thing called the “autograph quilt”. I decided that this would be a great way to add color to our apartment, especially since I had also stumbled across a beautiful quilt kit in a print that I’d be eyeing. So, now, we have a guest quilt hanging on the wall.

Check it out!! I’ve signed it already. 🙂

See? More color.
Furthermore, Diana found out that I like to sew and donated a cotton shower curtain to us. Gretchen took one look at it & knew what we were supposed to do with it. That’s why we have a shower curtain stapled to our dining room wall. (It’s called decorating on a graduate student budget.) It sounds crazy, but it looks awesome. I really like it.

Welcome one, welcome all!! Please come in and sign our quilt. 🙂
Then, I decided that we needed seasonal decoration. That was the one thing I did last year. So we made a field trip out of it on Saturday and came home with scarecrows. I think there’s no question in anyone’s mind that two girls live in our apartment. And I think Aaron might roll his eyes when he sees what we’ve done. (That’s what he gets for living with a bunch of guys.)

Do you see what I see? It’s autumn!!