Writing My Own Lyrics

This year so far has been a year of loss for me. And that’s been hard. The grief of losing things that held a lot of significance or hope for me has been a long road. But this morning I realized that around the same time my grandmother passed away, a new life came into my life — in the form of a nephew.

Before anyone has a heart attack, he’s not a biological nephew. One of my good friends had a baby in April, and I’ve become Auntie Abigail to her toddler and to her new baby. This new baby, Henrik, has reminded me that with each end comes a new beginning.

I was trying to get little Henrik to get to sleep today, so I sang this new nursery rhyme that I wrote. It’s to the tune of “Mary had a little lamb.” The new words: “Henrik had a teddy bear, teddy bear, teddy bear,/ Henrik had a teddy bear whose fur was white as snow./ And everywhere that Henrik went, Henrik went, Henrik went,/ And everywhere that Henrik went, the bear was sure to go.” It was so much fun.

Baby Henrik has a white teddy bear that’s pretty much as big as he is. And he likes it when I sing the song and bounce the teddy along with it.

Sometimes it’s the little things that take our breath away. They make for some great memories. Something I don’t want to forget, no matter how silly it is.



Good Grief! The Interwebs have spoken

Given my penchant for personality tests, I took one that “determines” which Peanuts character you are most like. In my sixth grade class, I had a very minor part (aka “the pitcher”) in our production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. It was the highlight of my senior year. I still remember that my dad had the flu and wasn’t able to come. My sister’s class only got to see a dress rehearsal (which wasn’t even in costume and didn’t have the “real” Schroeder!) And, I didn’t have any lines, so I convinced the music teacher to let me introduce the play. Yeah, it was a highlight of my elementary school performance.

Anyhow, ::drumroll:: character analysis puts me at Charlie Brown. At first I was offended because, hey, I got really good grades in school, and I don’t have a dog. But, come to think of it, I’m not very good at dating, have no idea how to actually play baseball, and probably would forget to feed my dog if I had one. This is their summary of Charlie Brown’s characteristics:

You’re a classic over-analyzer. You’re charismatic, have a core group of friends who are very loyal to you, and are highly intelligent — but that intelligence often leads you to overthink most things in life. To feel satisfied, you have to consider everything from every angle, from Christmas to crushes. This way of thinking makes you highly intuitive and emotionally aware, and also gives you a great sense of humor and ability to view situations objectively.

I have to say, I can relate to a lot of it. So maybe they do have a point.


P.S. I am actually very good at writing book reports, and I played the lead female character in my first grade class’s production of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, just in case you were wondering.

Weekend Ridiculousness

time to spin the wheel…

I spent this weekend visiting old friends from the grad school days. (I love how far in the past that makes “grad school” feel!) Anyhow, it was quite an interesting trip. Lots of funny little tidbits. Here’s a few:

  • Want a cigarette? I’ve never really grown up around people smoking. But I was at the Catholic Worker House hanging out with an old roommate. She went back into the house to get something, and I struck up a conversation with the other guys hanging out on the porch. One guy saw that I was the only one not smoking and asked if I wanted a cigarette. No but thanks?
  • More tissues? In Dr. Mark’s office, he wanted to know why I hadn’t been able to find a general practitioner. When that somehow resulted in me tearing up, we continued our conversation with him periodically handing me another tissue and me just holding it for a few seconds and then putting it in my pocket. Is a tissue guy code or professional code for I’m-sorry-you’re-hurting-and-that-this-conversation-is-hard-for-you??
  • courtesy of the-person-I-already-forgot-about
    courtesy of the-person-I-already-forgot-about

    Crush-motivated activity? I attended a wedding of an old high school friend this weekend. The wedding was beautiful and amazing. But I got seated next to this guy at the reception. He was kind of being a jerk so I was making fun of him. (He thought it would be funny to burn his place card in the votive.) Well, apparently, he helped himself to my camera while I was away talking to the bride & groom (or their parents or grandparents) and took pictures of himself and his place card. Creepy much? Fortunately I know how to use the delete key on my camera and my memory.

  • A winner!! I accepted my first mystery shopping job which was to buy a bottle of wine & see if I was carded. I don’t drink wine so that was kind of tricky but I found the cheapest wine there was and bought a flavor that was served at the wedding. But my receipt was an even $15. Apparently at this grocery store (that I shop at all the time) that means cause for celebration. All the cashiers started cheering. And I got to spin the prize wheel. I won a reusable grocery bag!!! That totally made the whole shop worth it. (Now I just have to figure out what to do with a bottle of wine.)
  • That sweater? After all that work, I didn’t end up needing the sweater for the wedding. The weather was perfect for a sleeveless dress. At least I was prepared, right?

That’s all for now!!
Abigail Cashelle

procrastinating sew much

I really should be reading my 50 books, but I don’t feel like it. It’s spring break, and I’ve been thinking about my sewing room (aka office, library, bedroom, healing room all wrapped into one). I’ve filled the wall with a ton of vintage pattern covers. It looks really awesome, although the ones over the bed keep threatening to fall down while I’m resting.

Anyhow, I saw some pretty cool ads while I was compiling my last treasury list on Etsy. So I decided to pull together another treasury list. Mostly because I love vintage ads. (But I don’t have wall space or wallet space for any of them, I don’t think.) Take a look and see what you think.

decorating the historian's sewing room

it had the coolest stitches!!
I started thinking, Where did this interest in sewing come from??? Then I remembered that my dad got me a sewing machine back in the day. I think I was probably 5 or 6 because I remember sharing it with my sister who’s a few years younger. I think my parents got it used, but I’m not really sure. 5 or 6 year olds don’t keep track of that stuff. I know that we threw it away when we moved because all the markers dried up (or were used up by future seamstresses.) Oh the childhood memories!! I think I played with this machine in between cooking at our play kitchen and while (always) playing doggie and master. (My sister had an obsession with dogs, so I learned to integrate “doggie and master” into every single one of my play activities.) I think I “sewed” stuff for my parents and for my furry friends. Yes, that love goes way back as well.

Rambling post about childhood memories and crafting…. Hope it gives you a glimpse into my personality.
Abigail Cashelle