Weekend Ridiculousness

time to spin the wheel…

I spent this weekend visiting old friends from the grad school days. (I love how far in the past that makes “grad school” feel!) Anyhow, it was quite an interesting trip. Lots of funny little tidbits. Here’s a few:

  • Want a cigarette? I’ve never really grown up around people smoking. But I was at the Catholic Worker House hanging out with an old roommate. She went back into the house to get something, and I struck up a conversation with the other guys hanging out on the porch. One guy saw that I was the only one not smoking and asked if I wanted a cigarette. No but thanks?
  • More tissues? In Dr. Mark’s office, he wanted to know why I hadn’t been able to find a general practitioner. When that somehow resulted in me tearing up, we continued our conversation with him periodically handing me another tissue and me just holding it for a few seconds and then putting it in my pocket. Is a tissue guy code or professional code for I’m-sorry-you’re-hurting-and-that-this-conversation-is-hard-for-you??
  • courtesy of the-person-I-already-forgot-about
    courtesy of the-person-I-already-forgot-about

    Crush-motivated activity? I attended a wedding of an old high school friend this weekend. The wedding was beautiful and amazing. But I got seated next to this guy at the reception. He was kind of being a jerk so I was making fun of him. (He thought it would be funny to burn his place card in the votive.) Well, apparently, he helped himself to my camera while I was away talking to the bride & groom (or their parents or grandparents) and took pictures of himself and his place card. Creepy much? Fortunately I know how to use the delete key on my camera and my memory.

  • A winner!! I accepted my first mystery shopping job which was to buy a bottle of wine & see if I was carded. I don’t drink wine so that was kind of tricky but I found the cheapest wine there was and bought a flavor that was served at the wedding. But my receipt was an even $15. Apparently at this grocery store (that I shop at all the time) that means cause for celebration. All the cashiers started cheering. And I got to spin the prize wheel. I won a reusable grocery bag!!! That totally made the whole shop worth it. (Now I just have to figure out what to do with a bottle of wine.)
  • That sweater? After all that work, I didn’t end up needing the sweater for the wedding. The weather was perfect for a sleeveless dress. At least I was prepared, right?

That’s all for now!!
Abigail Cashelle