A casual update

Things have been a little crazy over here in Abigail-land. Mostly I’ve just been really overwhelmed. Overwhelmed at work, with medical stuff, with chores, with whatever. A lot of things are sliding, including getting things done at work, actually going to counseling, paying bills on time, following up with St. Jude doctors, etc, etc.

Please pray for stability and for peace and for community.



Cruise: back in port

We’ve just completed our tour of the world (okay, not really but still) and now we’re back in the great U S of A. Surprisingly enough, the disembarkation process talks about 4 hours, and for some reason, we’re in owne of the very last zones to be dismissed. More hours of cruise time: here we come!

Yesterday, in addition to sleeping a lot, I managed to eat brunch twice (woohoo) and finally test out the water slide. I’m unfortunately blind without my glasses, but it turns out that as long as you hold them during the actual sliding part, you can use them to climb the winding staircase to the top. It was pretty awesome.

Alana and I found every single photo opportunity yesterday and the day before. Which meant the we spent a lot of time browsing the ahots yesterday. I found two that I really liked and so I got them for my parents. My mom’s only regret of homeschooling us is that we don’t have very many professional photos. I figured this would be the one time in my life when I’d literally have hundreds of shots to choose from.

Alana says it’s breakfast time, so stay tuned for more details later.


Cruise: day four

It’s the last full day of our cruise, and I’m sitting in the restaurant waitingfor brunch to be served.

Yesterday we explored the Bahamas a little and bought a few souvenirs. It took us a while to find or way around, particularly since we visited the non-tourist section first. We did get to visit the jail turned library. Plus we got invited to do drugs out by the old monastery. So I guess that’s the true native experience!

We’ve been having a blast, mostly just enjoying the lack of chores and the infinite ability to sleep. We’ve had some fun posing for formal photos, but so far only one or two have really turned out. Plus, our budget is pretty non-existent.

Off to enjoy the view,

Cruise: day two

So far, I’ve been loving the cruise. The food is actually pretty amazing, which is saying something considering that I usually could care less about food and forget meals and the like. The chef has been fairly accommodating, which is excellent for someone with food allergies.

Alana amd I make quite the interesting pair since she is recovering from a concussion and I from a hip dislocation. The sangeee of us falling is high, and we’ve had quite a few near misses, me more than her.

That said, we’ve been sleeping the majority of the time. Today I did get to it to the pool and hot tub which is good for my hip. I also managef to finish reading a book I started the day before. Tonight was the elegant night, so aafter dinner we got our photos taken around some of the backdrops. Then we came back to the room for a movie.

Tomorrow is aan early day on land, so as our maitre-d’ likes to say: ciao for now!


Ready for a roadtrip

Ready to go (they have less to pack)

I’m headed to the clinic of St. Jude tomorrow. I’m ready for this to be my last trip but I’m excited to see Bethany and Alana and my favorite musician.

Then I’ll get to go on my first cruise.

So much more exciting than today. Or at least more fun and relaxing.

I found out this afternoon that one of the reasons I had been feeling particularly terrible these past few days is because I had a dislocated femur. Ugh, some days I hate having Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Anyhow, after I got home from getting that reset, I found that Alana had just got home from the ER where she had been treating after smashing her head into a slab of concrete. I guess that can also be considered exciting but it’s the kind of drama I can live without. Seriously, I think it’s time for a vacation. Don’t you think?

Back to packing,
Abigail Cashelle